Blind Item (14/06/2016)

Stress and chaos at this B-list network. A TV show that the company has invested millions into has flopped, taking down several key figures’ ego with it. Wait until people learn of the actual costs. Another reboot bites the dust. Expect a different take on the reboot of the reboot.

What is the show?

What is the network?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (14/06/2016)

    • Oooh, that’s a great guess. So many networks don’t understand that shows aren’t successful because of a formula, but because of the hard work and creative spark that goes into producing them. Just taking a popular product and saying “Make that again!” never works. Remakes hit when the remaker has something new to say and something old to fix.


    • Pretty sure the Roots remake did well. They’ve also been announcing some streaming deals for it, so they’re making money on it. It was a miniseries so the advertising was all sold before the show even debuted.


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