Blind Item Revealed

This B-list wrestling company is about to go BANKRUPT. Unless something insane happens over the next couple of weeks, you can expect the announcement or news to break very soon.

What is the company?


TNA Impact Wrestling

Blind Posting: 12/04/2016

TNA CFO Dean Broadhead has revealed that the company was dangerously close to bankruptcy just this weekend. Broadhead said he made more than 80 phone calls to various attorneys, bankers, vendors and employees between Thursday and Friday desperately looking for funding, so TNA could continue with production. Esteemed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims TNA ‘were in an absolute crisis situation.’ Reportedly TNA have been saved at death’s door with The Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan purchasing a minority stake in the company.

2 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

  1. Billy Corgan? Now that I think about it, AMC was supposed to have a show with him that was about a wrestling company he owned or worked for. If I remember right they announced they would be making the show & then changed their mind last minute. Maybe this is his second crack at it.


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