Blind Item (16/06/2016)

There is a bizarre but persistent rumour about this B-list TV actress, who is relatively young, once having a stroke. While we can’t confirm or deny, we are told there was a very suspicious week she spent in a hospital, which her agents refuse to account for.

Who is she?

9 thoughts on “Blind Item (16/06/2016)

  1. Well Aubrey Plaza definitely had a stroke, but I don’t think this blind is about her. It’s probably someone from Glee that I’ve never heard of.


  2. This isn’t necessarily anything scandalous. If you’re on birth control and smoke there’s a huge risk of stroke. A ton of actresses smoke, a ton are on the pill like any other woman, so that could easily be what this was. I’ll go with Emma Roberts since I just saw her this past month and she was smoking like a chimney.


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