Blind Item (27/06/2016)

How do you market a product that is considered utterly lamentable by most of the general public? You shift focus to a different part of said product, a part of the product that isn’t considered nearly as toxic and actually has previously conjured exaltation and excitement from the public.

It’s the approach a studio is taking to marketing this upcoming movie, which is causing great uncertainty and turmoil for a lot of people’s futures and projects, an uncertainty that continues to spread across every sect of the studio like a pestilential disease.

What is the movie?

What is the toxic part?

What is the not-so-toxic part?


10 thoughts on “Blind Item (27/06/2016)

  1. Definitely Ghostbusters reboot. Likely moving the focus from ‘Girl Power’ and the four leading ladies to Chris Hemsworth and special effect. Smart move. Anything with the McCarthy, Jones and Wiig is getting torn apart on social media. The publicity campaign hasn’t helped.

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  2. Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates
    Anything to do with Mike & Dave
    Aubrey Plaza

    It’s probably GB3, but this movie looks like a huge pile of shit so it deserves a nomination.


    • I don’t think this is it. It’s not a big enough movie to ruin careers. It’s not high budget & they’ve been doing press for it forever. This sounds like a movie that’s just starting to have promotion for it. Mike & Dave had 70% on RottonTomatoes when I was on there yesterday, so it’s not a critical failure. There were only 10 reviews, so it might go down in the next few days, but right now it’s not looking too bad.


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