Blind Item (30/06/2016)

This comes directly from a high-ranking, self-admitted bitter source at a network. He’s talking of an A-list singer that used to work over there. He claims when she was there, she was very sweet but very fake, and would constantly spout sermons from her religious doctrine. The news story broke that she’d lapsed and she’d changed to a second more controversial, and he was stunned, knowing how devout she once was.

After he got talking to an executive within the music industry, he discovered, however, that the A-list singer had been practising the second controversial for at least 3 years before the network source even knew her. She was a fake Bible basher.

Who is she?


24 thoughts on “Blind Item (30/06/2016)

  1. Ariana Grande. She had a reputation as a bible basher and then dropped that shit because the CC condemned Spongebob or some shit.


    • She already followed Kabbalah teachings at the age of twelve and all If you know what I mean.. So….And there was nothing that indicated that she was a bible basher and all.


      • i think this is right actually. she did proclaim to be a devout catholic for awhile and this fits that she pretended to be a devout catholic all the while actually being into kabbalah


      • I do not think so. It does not make any sense. As I said before, there are no proof that she was a bible basher and secondly, She already followed those teachings and all. Come on. They would have known that for sure. This “source” may not know this, but others? Yes.

        PS: Sorry, if I am a bit unclear. I got a splitting headache have too much things on my mind all. Sorry.


  2. Darn. I really need an edit button here.

    Why would this be so scandalous? I mean. There could be a good possibility (if true) that she did this is, because she thought that people will go after her for being not with THAT religion any more. You all know how judgemental people can be. If you know what I mean.


  3. Husband’s best buddy worked over at Nick. Grande had that Holy Roller rep and that other girl (Jeanette) was known as out of control. This is Grande. She was pulling the typical Brittany Spears of “Butter wouldn’t melt in my Christian mouth” spiel.


      • I’ve never made a secret of my former career and what my husband does. Sorry if I’m attacking your idol, but I’m just going off what I know.

        If it’s any consolation, I don’t think this is that bad. The “I hate Americans” mistake, however……….


      • No. It is just the fact that 1) I am THAT long on the internet and I’m just so very sceptical about people and all. It does not have to do with you. 2) It just does not make any sense. She was not with the music industry BEFORE she was on Nick. She went to focus on her music career at the first season. As I said. sory if I am a bit unclear.

        Of course it is not bad. I feel like she just want to prevent that people will go after her if she not Christian anymore and follow that controversial religion and all. You know how judgemental people can be. And she was also very young.

        Sorry, if I attack you. I just does not feel that great and have a lot on my mind.


      • N’aw. Shucks. Well, I hope you feel better. You can alway talk to us gossip hounds. Hugs!

        I like Ariana’s new album!


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