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Month: July 2016

Box Office Predictions (08/07/2016)

This weekend sees not only the return of the Box Office Predictions feature to The Gossip Life, but also animation to dominance. We’ll see two animated movies battling it out for […]

Sophie Turner Needs a Bra

Game of Thrones has just finished its seven season and you know what means, the actors and actresses of the show fade into glorified irrelevance until at leastApril of next year. […]

Blind Item (07/07/2016)

The wife of this A-list athlete is planning on leaving him very soon. She’s sick and she’s consulting a lawyer this week. Announcement soon? I’d suspect so. Who is she? […]

Blind Item (06/07/2016)

This A-list personality has worked the same job for what feels like an eternity. He’s been very popular in the public eye and he’s likely a household name, but he’s […]

Blind Item (05/07/2016)

As you may know Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow) is often chastised within the gossip community for her habit of collecting celebrity friends and trying her hardest to act cool, but all […]

About Closeted Gay Footballers…

We here at The Gossip Life have received a lot of emails regarding this subject recently. Most correspondence has been sent from our Gossip Hounds with the odd legitimate source […]

Blind Item (04/07/2016)

This A-list singer is happily married to the man of her dreams in the eyes of the public, but we know that throughout their short marriage she’s consistently had female […]