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Eye Candy of the Week – Gigi Hadid in Rhode Island

She’s the daughter of two famous reality stars in Mohammed Hadid and Yolanda Foster, but it seems that model Gigi Hadid takes more after her model mother than her property manager father. On a patriotic 4th of July getaway with Taylor Swift and her clique, Hadid, 21, wore a very sexy, very American one piece that sported the famous red, white and blue colours of the American flag.

Hadid was on holiday with Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne and still managed to outshine her gal pals. And that is why Gigi Hadid is out eye candy of the week!



  1. She is very beautiful but she doesn’t have the face I thought most models would have. It’s not very chiselled nor is it sharp.


    • But that’s the gig nowadays. The greasy picture editors get their wood from that underage look. And ageing fashion dykes at Vogue (sorry, Nuclear) get a sizzle in their twizzle about the sheer naughtiness of it all, darling.


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