Blind Item (06/07/2016)

This A-list personality has worked the same job for what feels like an eternity. He’s been very popular in the public eye and he’s likely a household name, but he’s sick of his job and he wants to quit. He hasn’t been emotionally invested in the role for the past couple of years and he wants to retire, but he can’t. When it comes to actually quitting, he quivers, worries and panics, and signs on up once again.

Who is she?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (06/07/2016)

  1. Howard Stern. He’s been checked out of his show for a long time. He originally talked about retiring years ago, but he’s still there all these years later.


    • Also the word “quivers” wouldn’t normally be used in a blind like this, so I’m pretty sure that’s a clue as Howard’s side kick is Robin Quivers.


    • It’s totally Howard Stern and just to add to this, it seems clear that he planned on retiring years ago but can’t seem to let go. He just keeps reducing his schedule (and paycheck), but it’s the job and the security, I imagine, that he’s scared of letting go. He definitely lost interest in the radio show years ago.


  2. RuPaul and his Drag Race
    Just everything to do with being The Face of drag queens.

    Girl just retire to your partner’s farm and create a fashion line for fabulous ranch hands and their deliciously-broad shoulders.


  3. Its Howard Stern. As mentioned above, the “quivers” bit is a not particularly concealed reference to his long-term sidekick Robin Quivers. Stern has been doing this, “I’m thinking of retiring” thing for at least 15 years now. . .always as a negotiating tactic around contract renewal time. So that part isn’t really new.

    The difference now, is that the guy is over 60, he’s worth over half a BILLION dollars, he’s got another gig, and he’s already cut back his radio gig to only a few days/week. Quivers had (and maybe still has) locally aggressive uterine cancer, and that may be playing a part here too. (IE life is short, they don’t NEED to work, etc).


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