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Emma Watson’s New Movie Flops & Earns Just £47 in its Opening Weekend


It’s the headline every actor wants to avoid — embarrassing, brutal and worse of all, true. The Colony, starring Emma Watson in her first lead role since the Harry Potter series ended, has earned a laughable £47 in the UK across its opening weekend. Whilst the headline sounds terrible, especially when you factor in the £1 million + budget, it becomes less excruciating when you discover the thriller was only released in 3 theatres across the nation.

The movie, which attracted woeful reviews and 23% on Rotten Tomatoes and co-stars Daniel Brühl, is following a home streaming distribution plan, which means it’s relying on earning money via Netflix or a similar distribution service.

The limited release was likely to fulfil a contractual obligation, but the low gross and the abundance of headlines is sure to embarrass Emma Watson.



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