Box Office Predictions (08/07/2016)


This weekend sees not only the return of the Box Office Predictions feature to The Gossip Life, but also animation to dominance. We’ll see two animated movies battling it out for the top spot with decent competition elsewhere. Let’s get down to it.

The Secret Life of Pets

Synopsis: A cute story revolving around a set of anthropomorphic, talking animals that answers the question no one has ever actually asked: ‘What do pets do all day?’

Budget: $75 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 76%

Current Box Office: $30.9 M

Domestic Box Office: $0 M

Previous Weekend Box Office: $0 M

Box Office Prediction: $80 M

Comments: The Secret Life of Pets debuts this weekend and should knock Finding Dory off the top spot. It’s already scored a highly respectable $30 million in the foreign market and has a fairly low budget for an animation flick with a starry cast. It stars Steve Coogan,  Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart, and it’ll be the number one movie this weekend.

Finding Dory

Synopsis: A sequel that Ellen DeGeneres tried her hardest to make it happen that sees DeGeneres’ character Dory becoming lost instead of Nemo in the original. 

Budget: $200 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

Overall Box Office: $570.1 M

Domestic Box Office: $396.3 M

Previous Weekend Box Office: $51.4

Box Office Prediction: $20 M

Comments: Finding Dory has a decent run as the dominant movie of the recent month and although the highly anticipated sequel has failed to close to Finding Nemo’s almost billion dollar take back in 2003, the Ellen DeGeneres-led picture should finish with a fair take this weekend –$20 million.

The Legend of Tarzan

Synopsis: Yet another unnecessary retelling of the overdone Tarzan story, which sees Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz cashing a paycheck, and Alexander Skarsgård adopting the loincloth to prove his worth as a leading actor. 

Budget: $180 M

Rotten Tomatoes: 35%

Overall Box Office: $76.2M

Domestic Box Office: $56.8 M

Previous Weekend Box Office: $46.5 M

Box Office Prediction: $16 M

Comments: Our biggest flop of the Summer and the subject of a blind item that we will soon reveal, The Legend of Tarzan has only grossed $76.2 million against a budget of  more than double that. Unless they insert a live sex tape of Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgård half way into the SFX atrocity, this weekend will not be changing its dire fortunes — $16 million.

Others: Elsewhere Steven Spielberg’s worst nightmare The BFG continues to embarrass him with meagre takings across the nation. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and The Purge: Election Year should do creditable business with just over the $10 million mark each. Independence Day: Resurgence will somehow do even less than that and will force any sane person to ponder, ‘Why the fuck do they keep casting Liam Hemsworth in big budget movies?’

One for the philosophers.


9 thoughts on “Box Office Predictions (08/07/2016)

  1. I’m not so sure Mike & Dave making $10 to $15 million is going to be “respectable.” There’s been such a huge ad campaign for this & it’s been going since January. When a budget is listed for any movie the ad budget isn’t included. It’s just the production budget. The PB might have been low, but the amount of ads, the travel expenses for the cast, all adds up to big $$$ for the ad budget. With the work the actors put into selling this movie, I can’t imagine them being happy with $10 to $15 million. It’s total box office take in the US might end up being $25 million. Not good at all. It’s really bad for Zac Efron’s career, but he’s got Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson, & Dwayne’s got a great track record, so Zac’s career will stay afloat when that movie comes out next year. For a little while anyway.


      • Yep, that’s the production budget is $33 million. They shot in Hawaii, like all but some reshoots were done there. They shot most of it at a resort & I would think Anna & Adam got more money than they normally would because Pitch Perfect 2 did such big business right around the time they signed up for Mike & Dave. The ad budget is going to be insane. There’s been more free screenings for this movie than I can remember in recent times. The screenings aren’t really free, the studio has to pay the theaters for it, so you add that in alone & the true budget of this movie is going to be insane compare to the business it’s going to do.


    • I expect the costs run under 50 including marketing, so 10-15 is respectable if not great. Reviews are mixed towards bad, so it’s doing better than it deserves to be. I’m okay with it making less. I don’t like anyone involved with it.


      • The amount of free screenings I’ve been hearing about, the post Superbowl episode of James Corden, along with the first trailer for the movie airing during the show, & the award they without a doubt had to pay to have the cast win at Cinemacon is going to end up going way over $50 million for the total budget. I’ve just been hearing way too much about how many things they’ve been paying for to make this movie a success for the ad budget to only be $20 million. They did something crazy with Tinder that had to cost a ton. If the ad budget isn’t as much as the production budget I would be shocked.


  2. I expect The Legend of Tarzan to make even less than that and The BGF is amongst the biggest disappointments of Spielberg’s career.


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