Chris Evans Under Investigation Over Sexual Assault


It’s not turning out to be a good year for Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans. The reboot of Top Gear has flopped with most of scathing reviews being aimed at his little ginger head. If that wasn’t bad enough, Evans, 50, is now under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Tower Hamlets during the 90’s.

Police have confirmed the complaint was made on the 23rd of May 2016, according to the Daily Mail. Also saying to the popular UK tabloid The Sun: “There have been no arrests and no person has been interviewed under caution.” The Sun’s sources further claim Evans will be spoken to by the police in the near future.

These devastating claims follow a recent accusation of sexual harassment and bullying with a former colleague’s allegedly he grabbed her breasts and “flashed her almost every day for two years.”

Evans is denying the accusations, deeming them a ‘witch hunt.’ Allegations of bullying targeted against Evans date back to the 90’s during his ascent to fame.

About Closeted Gay Footballers…



We here at The Gossip Life have received a lot of emails regarding this subject recently. Most correspondence has been sent from our Gossip Hounds with the odd legitimate source eager to learn, too.

It seems to use that every couple of years a salacious story seems to emerge from the depths of tawdry tabloids that a ‘star Premier League footballer’ is about to take a detour from Narnia to Soho and come out of the closet and admit they’re gay to Mr. Joe Public. It’s a regular feature of the tabloids that we all know and love, and is always known to have the nation engrossed in rife speculation and guessing games.

For example, just in the last couple of days, there’s been a story within the Daily Mail that a ‘married footballer paid off a Transgender glamour model after a fling.’ Guesses have already been aimed on social media, ranging from the key players at top teams like Manchester United to those on the very fringe of the roster of Southampton FC. No one seems to have any inside information, but many have been slandered and accused.

It isn’t the first time either. In 2015, the news story broke in the tabloids that an international footballer and a a Premier League star were soon to announce their true sexuality. Rumours swirled (mostly about Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling) and bookmakers started taking bets, and what happened? Neither of the two anonymous, ‘star Premier League footballers’ ended up coming out.

Why? What happened? What stopped them?

A lot of these titillating headlines are unfortunately based on rumour within the journalism community. Since no one is posting names, there’s no fear of legal repercussions or punishment, and journos feel fine with kindling the fire of supposition and watching the logs burn. The sad part is that, in the rare incidents that there is smoke behind the fire, the footballers see the rampant speculation and fiery reaction, and they get overwhelmed by fear and by publicists, losing the will to leave the closet.

It’s important to remember that in a lot of cases, when someone of a high profile announces they’re gay, their family only discover the news a couple of days beforehand, sometimes on the day of. Outing is an obvious fear and with the fervent desire for gossip, journalists are willing to pay some very desperate friends, family and allies previously unimaginable amounts of cash for an exclusive.

To conclude, I can’t tell you the identifies of the gay footballers from the 2015 story, nor can I tell you the identify of the married footballer that paid off the Transgender model after a fling.

Not right now, anyway.