The Gossip Life’s New Old Home

Gossipers, for months now our loyal commenters have requested we leave Wix because of the slow interface, various glitches and Queen Sarah in the comment section.

We’ve heard your cries and although we cannot ban Queen Sarah from commenting, we can pack up our crag in a bag and find a new home with a quick interface and no glitches, so we’re heading on over to a different website builder that some of you may recognise. It’s of course our old home of WordPress.

Stick with us. We’ll be back in action by next week.

Yours in Gossip,
TGL Team xoxo

PS: Don’t ever claim we don’t listen to you!

PSS: To subscribe, click on the app towards the right that allows you to follow us. We can’t wait to be back in action. We’re all roaring to go here!

24 thoughts on “The Gossip Life’s New Old Home

  1. I’m flaying from the fabulous nostalgia of all of this. Hello, 2015! How have you been?

    PS: Is Disqus making the move too? I made an account purely to comment on Wix.


  2. Oh my god. Hi, guys. This is, like, super freaky for me. It took me all day to figure out how to get on here (I can totally hear Daddy complaining about paying for college), but I’m here!!


    • It’s pretty. I think it needs a little something, though. Maybe some extra color? It feels very neutral at the moment. TGL usually pops.


  3. finally got on here after much effort. good luck with the new place. any idea on when the box office posts come back?


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