Blind Item Revealed — Daniel Craig & James Bond

You will not believe the deal this A list actor is closing for the next instalment of that famous franchise. It is practically unheard of and may make him the highest paid actor ever.

It’s the sort of money that is enough to last forever, unless, you know, he starts blowing it all on girls and sporting golden body parts.

That could get a little pricey.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?


Daniel Craig & the James Bond Series

Blind Item Posting: 19/04/17

The Story: Daniel Craig to Return as James Bond, and Adele Might Sing the Theme Song 

Popular Guesses: Daniel Craig / Mike Myers / Will Smith

For the past few years, Daniel Craig’s will-he-won’t-he-return to the James Bond franchise has been a roller coaster of a story to behold.

At first, Craig denied any interest in playing the iconic 007 once again, even claiming he’d rather “slash [his] wrists” than return for Bond 25. In response to Craig’s announcement, Eon Productions reportedly commenced a search for a replacement with Idris Elba’s name being touted amongst several others. Eon Productions executive Barbara Brocolli was also photographed meeting with actor Jamie Bell for lunch.

The story took a twist shortly after and Eon were believed to be waiting on Craig to make a final decision with the key executives being particularly keen on Craig sticking around despite his constant insistence otherwise.

All of that speculation, gossip and time wasting was seemingly for nought because multiple outlets reported over the weekend Craig is indeed returning to play Bond for the fifth time in the upcoming Bond 25.

The Mirror claims that producer Barbara Broccoli “is said to have secured” the actor and is “determined” to have Adele return as well; the singer won an Academy Award for performing the “Skyfall” theme song.

My source told me this at the start of the year and mentioned the salary is unbelievable. Craig will be the highest paid Bond ever without any competition. It’s mid-to-high 8 figures.




21 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Daniel Craig & James Bond

    • Mid to high 8 figures sounds more believable to me. It also correlates with the double-to-tripling of fee that seems to be a theme of his Bond salary history.


    • I never believed that to begin with. It would be way over half the budget of a Bond movie… Tom Cruise doesn’t even earn that for Mission: Impossible movies.


  1. I’m kinda happy about this because he really is the best Bond ever, but if he hates the role so much then he really shouldn’t just take the role for the cash. Where’s his artistic integrity?


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