Daily Blind Item — Political Talk



Somebody warn the House of Commons they may have a new member very soon.

This former A lister, who is known to Americans for her good looks, beautiful speaking manner and royal vibe, keeps talking about possibly running for office in the UK.

‘It’s a pipe dream,’ says the source, ‘that she wants to look further into. Who knows what could happen? [Name omitted] could be the future PM.’

So, tell me, Gossipers;

Who is the future PM of the UK?

39 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Political Talk

  1. Another of out of touch luvy more interested in the fame than actually helping people. Just what the House of Commons needs.


  2. Liz Hurley keeps opening her big stupid mouth to make political statements. I read that she endorsed Brexit by saying the EU prevented her from buying her preferred hair dryer. It almost made me vote Remain.


    • I actually had to Google this to ensure it was accurate and you’re right… Wow. Is she trying to be funny or is she genuinely unaware of how that would come across?

      She fits the blind, so I believe it…

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    • You’re not playing about with not knowing our celebs. Lily does a fake common accent, doesn’t have a royal vibe and isn’t known for good looks. She’s a bit of an old dog, truth be told.

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