Dick of the Day — Netflix Upsets Nerds, Removes Futurama


Terrible news everybody!

Netflix committed a heinous sin over the past week by removing the entire Futurama series from their streaming platform.

Nerds… I mean, fans of the show are not happy with the decision by the media giant and have responded in the most millennial way possible… By posting angry memes and videos.

Twitter and Reddit have been run amuck with these Futurama memes and references, leaving unaware users confused and wondering where the usual boring anti-Trump crap has vanished to.

I, as a complete Futurama nerd, am outraged by this decision by those dicks over at Netflix. Even if I rarely viewed the show on the platform (I own the series on these crazy silver discs called DVDs), Netflix has robbed their audience of the greatest animated show ever released, barring BoJack Horseman and maybe the early Simpsons. Possibly also The Fairly OddParents.

Irregardless, Netflix sucks and they’re our dicks of the day. Especially Zoidberg.

24 thoughts on “Dick of the Day — Netflix Upsets Nerds, Removes Futurama

    • Long post, but I saw this online and I thought it was such a perfect summary that it might just compel you to check it out.

      “I watched the first episode of this show as a 15-year-old high school student, and clicked off the last one just now before coming to the sub. If you’re my age (31), it’s been there your entire adult life, and you have been about Fry’s age the entire time. Perhaps you relate to his struggles — in the loss of his former life, his attachments to Leela and Bender, the wonderment of moving through your 20s at a time of incredible technological change. I know I do. And the show is so subtle in its extra touches that there’s always another layer for a person to relate to. When the Chopin etude started in the final episode — that was when I started crying. That particular piece is one of my favorites. I listened to it as a poor college student putting books away in the school library for minimum wage. I listened to it when I was frantically trying to meet my first deadlines in the working world. I played it for my infant son to help him sleep. And there it was, as Fry and Leela live their remarkable life in the frozen earth.

      I’m up late, while my wife — a woman I met in Futurama’s third season, and who is pregnant with our second child — sleeps upstairs. Getting older, starting a family — it can overwhelm you. Hell, I just got to watching the final season of this show I love on Netflix. But when the final notes of the etude faded out, the Professor gave his speech, and Fry asked: Do you want to do it all again? I thought right back to sitting on the couch with my family, excited for the new Simpsons show. Then buying the DVDs when it went off the air the first time, and marathoning them with my brothers on a rainy vacation. Then standing in line to buy Bender’s Big Score the day it came out, so excited for the new movie. And all the moments in between.

      Overall, Futurama is a show about the inevitability of time and life. At the end of the first episode, our hero must come to grips with a life lost forever. Many times he attempts — sometimes even succeeds — in “going back.” But the longer arc always follows a Philip J. Fry who took intense loss in stride (at least on camera) and whose capacity for love led to a romance with a cyclops and a best-friendship with a sardonic robot. I think in some way it makes us cry because Fry reminds us of the moments in our lives when we were capable of love like that, even if it can be intensely painful.
      Edit: Thank you for the gold and the kind words. I’m humbled by how many people this reached. Full disclosure: I wasn’t, like, blubbering, just a little misty. I used a throwaway because, come on, it’s a story about crying during a sci-fi cartoon. Still, it would’ve been very easy for the creators to take the concept and just run with wacky antics. Instead they chose to explore a lot of heavy themes. Some were more ham-handed than others — one of the reasons I didn’t watch the final season till last week was that the previous Comedy Central seasons had too many episodes where I felt they were trying too hard to be super deep. But Game of Tones and this final episode were very well done and felt natural, like some of the first-run episodes. That’s why I was compelled to write this.”


  1. I’ll stop spamming Futurama memes now.

    The decision to remove Futurama by Netflix is the worst. Buy the rights. Sacrifice F is For Family if you have to. A Netflix without Futurama is not worth having at all.


  2. There are so many other shows that deserve to be taken off before one that has such a cult of fans. And I haven’t even watched much of it.


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