The Gossip Life Returns & Further Updates



The Gossip Life’s second run on WordPress officially begins today and we have a great first week of posts in store for you. It’s going to be a truly amazing beginning again for gossip hounds with a blind item set to be revealed on a daily basis by Christina, as well as the usual editorial pieces by Sam and lots of news to cover by Scott.

We thought we’d answer a few of the common questions we’ve received over the past week or so via email and whatnot.

Will Disqus be coming over?

Yes. We plan on using Disqus for our comment section in the future, but due to a technically difficulty with our name servers, the transfer is going to take a couple of months. Disqus will eventually be here, though, so don’t worry.

What about your old posts?

With the exception of a few high scoring posts, we’ll be leaving the majority of our archives behind on our old Wix site. You can access our old posts by clicking this link.

Is The Gossip Life now subscription based?

No. The Gossip Life remains a proud member of the free press. Literally. We’ve moved builders. Our status as a free service remains the same.

This is an exciting time for The Gossip Life and the team here is pleased you’re sticking with us for all your gossip needs.

Yours in Gossip,

TGL Team xoxo

37 thoughts on “The Gossip Life Returns & Further Updates

  1. I can’t lie, I’m a little upset Disqus isn’t here yet, but I’m fine with commenting like this for now. The sooner it’s back the better, in my opinion….

    I’m excited for the blind item reveals, though. I have a feeling you’re going to reveal the Daniel Craig / Bond one….


  2. Let us hope this represents a new start for The Gossip Life overall. Let this be the end of the rampant misogyny, sexism and homophobia.


  3. Can I just say I really love the new layout? The fact that it loads a lot faster helps too. I’m getting a Datalounge vibe and I am loving it.


  4. I don’t understand the clamouring for Disqus at all. It’s a cleaner to look up, but other than that it’s a glitchy irritating mess.


  5. Welcome back everybody. It’s going to take a little getting used to, but I do like the new format. I binge read the majority of blinds item on here once with friends.


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