Blind Item Revealed — Drake

Let me just give a warning to every straight male celebrity in the world: porn stars may have sex on camera for a living, but that doesn’t mean they’ll just drop their panties just because you had a modicum of fame.

It’s a lesson this B-list musician desperately needs to learn. He’s constantly following porn stars on his private account and sliding into their DMs trying to make some magic happen. It rarely happens.

‘He’s got a reputation as a creeper,’ says my porn star source. ‘From Leah Gotti to Asa Akira.’

Ouch. When porn stars consider you a ‘creeper,’ you should really start evaluating your life.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our B-list DM slider?



Blind Item Posting: 21/11/16

Story: Drake Gets Former Porn Star Pregnant

Popular Guesses: Kendrick Lamar / Drake / Josh Groban / Sam Smith

The subject of our blind item ended up being exposed on the public scale earlier this year when singer Drake was outed as the eponymous DM slider.

Pornstar Sophie Brussaux (Rosie Divine) claims she got hot and heavy with Drake and the superstar impregnated her with his baby. Drake denied the accusation, which Brussaux countered with evidence in the form of text messages.

There’s no information on how Drake and Sophie first encountered each other, but my source swears Twitter is responsible. He also swears Sophie’s porn work wasn’t exclusively on camera.

Several more pornstars since have come forward with claims of liaisons with Drake.

30 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Drake

  1. What a dumb fuck. He could get these whores easily. He must be acting like a real freak if he’s earned a rep as a creeper from pornstars.


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