Daily Blind Item — Depressed Director


Thanks to a successful first movie, it looked as if we had the next superstar director in this guy, but after a disappointing movie, it now looks like we have the next Uwe Boll.

That’s the jist of a conversation I had over the weekend with a Hollywood friend of mine about this B list director.

‘I hear he’s pretty bummed,’ another source adds on. ‘Who can blame the chap? He almost had it all.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our depressed director?

26 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Depressed Director

  1. Neil Blomkamp. His movie was the fantastic District 9. He’s followed it up with the circlejerky Elysium and the terrible Chappie. His Alien reboot fell apart at the seams. That’s enough to bum anyone out.


    • He did many movies and he is adorable .I met him many years ago at a tiny movie festival in France.We talked about my fav movie “Magdalena sisters” ( Not directed by him) during 1/2 hours


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