Blind Item Revealed — Katy Perry

It’s a move David Bowie notably pulled in the 80’s and now this A-list singer is looking to try her hand at acting.

‘It’s something she’s dabbled in before,’ says the source, ‘but it’s all she talks about now ever since she’s seen Emma Stone’s performance in La La Land.’

I would expect fireworks from her most faithful at the announcement.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our singer-to-actor?


Katy Perry

Blind Item Posting: 23/01/17

The Story: Katy Perry Rumoured To Be Gearing Up For Hollywood Acting Career

Popular Guesses: Katy Perry / Taylor Swift

I might have made this too obvious with the fireworks clue…

Amidst sagging record sales, Katy Perry plans on transitioning into an acting career.

Perry has been spotted out for dinner with top Hollywood film producer Simon Kinberg (known for making the X-Men films) at London’s swanky Chiltern Firehouse.

“Producers are desperate to snap up Katy for acting projects but she’s never quite found the right one,” a source blabbed to The Sun.

“It’s interesting that Simon and Katy spent time together in London and begs the question whether he will sign her up for one of his blockbusters,” the source pondered.

We told you about Katy’s possible career change before The Sun, MTV or any other mainstream media outlet did. My source still insists Katy is serious about acting and claims the failure of her last album has ‘little’ to do with the decision.

21 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Katy Perry

  1. I never knew her career was in such a freefall. Maybe she needs to leave the politics at home and shut up and sing as the Dixie Chicks learned!!!


    • Taylor dropping music the day Katy releases a new album is one of the most unnecessarily petty decisions by an artist ever. Women should support each other in that industry, not undermine and undercut each other. This is why I have zero respect for Taylor Swift.


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