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Daily Blind Item — Unexpected Nom


Controversy is breaking out amongst Emmy members over an unexpected nomination many are calling undeserved.

‘It makes us look like a joke,’ one member shares exclusively to us.

Another worldly member elucidates, ‘This is why the Emmys get accused of being rigged.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our unexpected nomination?



  1. If you don’t your award show to be accused of being “rigged”, maybe you should taking bribes for votes.


  2. Anthony Hopkins was nominated for Best Actor for Westworld. I’ve watched the whole show twice. Not only is Hopkins unworthy, but he isn’t even the lead.


    • I’m torn between this and the Bill Nye nomination.

      Hopkin’s nomination is bigger and was a lot more unexpected, in my opinion, but is it really undeserved? It might not be the most deserved nom ever, but Hopkins is a big name actor and he played the role well.


    • I’ve bloody loved Tony Hopkins since Silence of the Lambs, but Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright deserve acclaim for Westworld a lot bloody more than he does!!


  3. “Another worldly member elucidates” = Clue? Westworld? Hopkins. He totally phones it in, plays the same way in every scene. Undeserved.


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