Daily Blind Item — Unexpected Nom


Controversy is breaking out amongst Emmy members over an unexpected nomination many are calling undeserved.

‘It makes us look like a joke,’ one member shares exclusively to us.

Another worldly member elucidates, ‘This is why the Emmys get accused of being rigged.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our unexpected nomination?

38 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Unexpected Nom

  1. Anthony Hopkins was nominated for Best Actor for Westworld. I’ve watched the whole show twice. Not only is Hopkins unworthy, but he isn’t even the lead.


    • I’m torn between this and the Bill Nye nomination.

      Hopkin’s nomination is bigger and was a lot more unexpected, in my opinion, but is it really undeserved? It might not be the most deserved nom ever, but Hopkins is a big name actor and he played the role well.


    • I’ve bloody loved Tony Hopkins since Silence of the Lambs, but Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright deserve acclaim for Westworld a lot bloody more than he does!!


  2. “Another worldly member elucidates” = Clue? Westworld? Hopkins. He totally phones it in, plays the same way in every scene. Undeserved.


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