Nicole Kidman vs Jessica Lange Closest Emmy Race In Years


The Primetime Emmy Awards take place on September 17, 2017, but the analysis and estimations of the award show are already well underway with GoldDerby selecting the likely nominees and likely winners on their predictions site.

Netflix’s The Crown is fully expected to win Best Drama Series while Veep is the favourite for comedy, but it’s the acting categories where the stakes get higher and a lot more competitive.

According to the experts on GoldDerby, Best Drama Actress is a three way battle between Elisabeth Moss for The Handmaiden’s Tale, The American’s Keri Russell and The Crown’s Claire Foy. Moss is the likely winning although Foy has supporters on her side too.

It’s the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie where the category is absolutely staked, though with FX’s Feud fighting it out with HBO’s Big Little Lies.

Jessica Lange, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Susan Sarandon all compete for the prestigious award with Lange having a slight advantage (10 GoldDerby supporters) going into the nominations announcement.

Kidman is by far the closest competition, trailing Lange narrowly with 9 GoldDerby supporters. With Kidman’s co-star Reese Witherspoon also being in with a shout, GoldDerby speculate Witherspoon could split the votes and cost her Aussie friend, but admit Sarandon could do the same to her Feud co-star Lange.

Lange has been richly awarded by the Emmys in the past, winning 3 in the past 8 years. Kidman, Sarandon and Witherspoon have yet to win a single Emmy despite several nominations between. GoldDerby speculate that could serve Kidman well with Emmy members deciding Lange has already won enough.

Primetime Emmy nominations are announced July 13.


14 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman vs Jessica Lange Closest Emmy Race In Years

  1. Nicole Kidman delivers one of the best acting performances ever given on television. The scenes with the therapist alone are better than anything else aired in the last year. She deserves to win…


  2. It’d be such an insult if Jessica Lange or Susan Sarandon won over any of the Big Little Lies cast. Both are miscast. Neither are convincing as Bette Davis or Joan Crawford. If you watch Feud, (other than the Baby Jane scenes) there’s not one moment that you’re watching and not thinking Jessica Lange is acting as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon is acting as Bette Davis.


  3. Jessica Lange FTW. Her acting in the final episode is superior to anything in Big Little Lies by Kidman. The dinner party scene is heartbreaking and has really stuck with me.


  4. It’s tough. Jessica has the more showy role and Nicole has the more real role. I can see the Emmy going to Jessica, but Nicole should get it, IMO 🙂


  5. Nicole Kidman. It shouldn’t even be a competition. Jessica Lange has played variations of the same part for Ryan Murphy for years. She’s been rewarded for it. Kidman brought something new and something special to the table. Let her have her moment.


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