Best Blind Item Reveals of 2017… So Far


We’re just over halfway through 2017 and the year has been a cracker for gossip so far with Johnny Depp finally getting rid of the lecherous Amber Heard, Jennifer Garner finally getting rid of the lecherous Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller suffering a rather humiliated naked picture of leak.

Thanks to your friends here at the Gossip Life the vast majority of these stories were whispered to you ahead of them breaking into the mainstream media.

In this post, we pat ourselves of the back (mostly Christina) and celebrate the best blind item reveals of 2017… so far.

5. Bill O’Reilly FIRED By Fox News

Fox News tried to tell you they were sticking by Bill O’Reilly, despite the countless accusations of sexual assault breaking into the mainstream media. We told you otherwise. Guess who was correct in the end?

4. Moonlight Wins Best Picture

La La Land was the favourite to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year and despite a horribly humiliating mishap (I still blame Faye Runaway) that saw La La Land originally handed the shiny statuette , Moonlight walked away from the event as the winner. Members of the Academy started talking to Christina well before the event and told her what the tee was.

3. Hillary Clinton Is Sick

Before the crazy adventure of the US Election of 2016 officially began, the Gossip Life posted a blind item detailing the poor health of a candidate. Fast forward a year or so later, Hillary Clinton’s health issues were well known and the Democratic nominee even publicly fainted after a 9/11 memorial.

2. Ben Affleck Hates Batman

Ben Affleck had only put on the Batsuit for one disappointing movie before Christina was informed Affleck wanted out of the role. Shortly after Christina posted the blind, the rumours hit the mainstream and Affleck promptly dropped out of directing the upcoming solo movie. No word on whether Affleck is still attached to portray the caped crusader in the future.

1. Sienna Miller’s Embarrassed Nude Leaks

Don’t pretend for moment you don’t remember this. I’m still trying to forget. A worthy winner!

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