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TGL Round-Up: Madonna Tries to Stop Tupac Letter Auction, Felicity Jones Cast as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lamar Odom Writing Book on the Kardashians


Madonna has filed a request to prevent a personal letter from rapper Tupac and several other personal items from going up for auction.

The pop legend says Darlene Lutz, the woman who‘s auctioning the items through Gotta Have It, “betrayed [her] trust in an outrageous effort to obtain my possessions without [her] knowledge or consent.” Somehow, Lutz, “a former friend and art consultant,” got her hands on the breakup letter as well as one in which Madonna despaired of not being as successful in music or film as Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone, respectively, calling them “horribly mediocre.”

The personal letter from Tupac was sent from prison and explains why the rapper broke up with her after a short relationship.


Felicity Jones has a new role in mind.

The Rogue One actress is set to play Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a biopic of her life in Mimi Leder’s On The Basis Of Sex.

Natalia Portman was previously attached.


Khloe Kardashian’s former husband and basketballer, Lamar Odom, is writing a tell-all book, InTouch Weekly reports.

The former basketball great – who is divorced from Khloe Kardashian – told InTouch Weekly the news last week. ‘I have a book coming out, an autobiography about my life. [The book will cover] everything. Everything. It’s a free-for-all. [I’ll be] open about everything that’s been going on in my life, about the past.’

InTouch Weekly reports the Kardashians aren’t exempt by any means.




  1. I am loving this idea of a RBG film. I will be the first one in line to see it. An inspiring woman that overcame misogyny to achieve so much.


  2. Madonna is too beautiful to be damaging her face with procedures. Reverse them. Follow in Courteney Cox’s footsteps.


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