Daily Blind Item — Big Show No One Likes


The upcoming season of this formerly beloved television show is this A list producer’s last chance to turn things around, a source shares with me.

‘It went from an Emmy contender with big ratings,’ says a source, ‘to constantly missing out and only garnering okay ratings.’

‘A different creative mind could restore the show to its once great heights,’ another shares.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our show?

Who is the producer?

26 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Big Show No One Likes

    • Scandal is already ending. Although ABC could be telling Shonda that in hopes of her turning it around… I wouldn’t bet on that, though. ABC worships ShondaLand.


      • ABC’s worship of Shonda Rhimes seems to be coming to an end. The Catch and Still Star-Crossed were cancelled recently.


  1. Can we go back in time two years and pretend this is Girls, so I can pretend there’s a chance of that bad show being cancelled and be happy?


    • Believe it or not, AHS recovered for Roanoke. It’s the second best received season and the ratings were higher than the previous season, Hotel.


  2. Kick Ryan Murphy’s ass out, FX! The ratings of every show on your network will increase because it won’t suffer secondhand association with that queen.


    • I really couldn’t see that working out well for any of the shows involved. I wonder what sort of show we would get if Murphy and Daniels worked together on something, though.


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