Daily Blind Item — No Nudes On My Phone


This A lister may look and act like the sort of girl to have naked pictures and videos of herself on her phone, but apparently she’s wiser than that.

‘She keeps all her nudes secure,’ says the source. ‘That way if she ever gets hacked, they’ll be no chance of leaking anything compromising.’

Hillary Clinton is shaking with envy.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A lister?

30 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — No Nudes On My Phone

  1. Smart. You gotta be careful with being hacked these days, especially if you’re a famous. I’m guessing someone like Bella Thorne or Ariel Winter?


  2. I think this is Kylie Jenner of all bloody people. Read the rumours she was hacked on Snapchat and the hacker had nudes and was going to release them after a certain amount of RTs or follows or something, but apparently hasn’t released anything because there’s nothing.


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