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Dick of the Day — Microsoft KILLS Paint


Microsoft announced the unthinkable recently — the company is removing Microsoft Paint in the next Windows 10 update.

Released first in 1985, Microsoft Paint has become a fixture of childhoods and drug addicts everywhere with its fun, junky drawings.

Microsoft has also announced Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list will be removed in the update. Paint 3D will replace Microsoft Paint on Windows computers.

How will I draw rudimentary images now? Screw you, Microsoft. You’re our dick of the day!




  1. People need to get the fuck over this already. It’s a shitty programme. You can take your shitty art elsewhere.


  2. I simultaneously care too much and don’t care at all. I’d like the option, but I know, barring a bizarre compulsory demand, I’m never ever gonna use Microsoft Paint again….

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