Blind Item Revealed — Ozark

I had a conversation with a friend and regular source today about an upcoming TV show. It’s got a talented B-list star to top line and has credible staff behind it, but my friends tell me it’s unnerving how much they’re attempting to replicate Breaking Bad, to the point the creative are immersing themselves in episodes to decide the tone and look of the series.

Let’s just hope it’s the Family Guy to The Simpsons, not the Coupling to Friends.

What is the show?



Blind Item Posting: 07/03/16

The Story: Netflix’s Ozark Might Be Too Much Like Breaking Bad for Its Own Good

Popular Guesses: The Deuce / Preacher / Ozark

Recently released worldwide on Netflix, Ozark has earned near universal acclaim and incredible buzz from the viewers, but a comparison verging on a criticism is present within nearly every review, critique and comment…

Esquire summed it up, ‘Ozark Is Too Much Like Breaking Bad.’

The Salt Lake City Tribune said it more simply, ‘TV review: ‘Ozark’ is a weak attempt to mimic ‘Breaking Bad.”

The show’s star Jason Bateman was even forced to respond to the comments, admitting there was a ‘similarity’ in an interview with the Radio Times.

I wonder why there’s so much similarity… Cough. Read the blind item again. Cough.



23 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed — Ozark

  1. If Ozark was released a couple of months earlier, the show would have been nominated for every Emmy available. It’s obvious that Breaking Bad is a huge inspiration on show (normal protagonist that has to commit crimes under extraordinary circumstances), but the show ready shines on its own right….


    • OMG. I was totally thinking that when I read a review. It’s possible that it won’t get nominated or win as much because it might be forgotten by nomination time next year, which sucks :/


  2. Everyone keeps saying this is the fucking shit. I’m gonna need to check it out. Really hate that dick Bateman usually, though.


    • Fair assessment. Premise is a little off. You really need to suspend belief to buy into and I struggle with shows like that 😦


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