Daily Blind Item — Hidden Assets


They never say believe the gossip you hear in restrooms, but sometimes it’s too juicy to pass up on.

This C lister, who went through a very infamous bankruptcy case a few years ago, isn’t bankrupt at all apparently.

“[name omitted] hid their assets in a relative’s name,’ says the source. ‘Everyone knows. It infuriated the people involved.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our C lister?

26 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Hidden Assets

  1. Whoever it is deserves to be detained. Conning your creditors is not admirable or legal in any way. This has always been the problem with the financial industry.


  2. Kelly Rutherford. She’s a bloody mess if you ask me. Claimed to have about $20 thousand at the time of filing. Conveniently when she was getting divorced.

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