Daily Blind Item — Married w/ Kids


Nicole Kidman famously called the time after her Academy Award win the “loneliest point of her life.”

This A list actress can definitely sympathise. She’s at the height of her professional career, but her personal life is far from idyllic.

‘She’s always been one of those girls that wants to get married and have tons of children,’ spills the source. ‘It hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actress?

31 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Married w/ Kids

    • You mean that non-entity that Hollywood for some strange reason has been trying to make happen for quite sometime now? Can anyone be more meh-vanilla blande?


  1. This is a darn bummer for me to read about. Been there in my life where I’ve been yearning away. It happened for me and I bet it will happen for whoever this is!!!


  2. I never got that whole “I’m an Award Winning Actress, but I also wanted to be a stay at home Mom with 6 kids” if a guy Said “I want to be a Millionaire executive but also be a stay-at home Dad with 6 kids” people would laugh in his face.


  3. Charlize Theron. Nobody is able to spend more than 5 minutes with such an egomaniac cunt. Not even another egomaniac cunt like Sean Penn managed to stay with her for more than a few months. And those adopted kids she’s encourage to transition at the fully developed age of 4 so she can compete with LaJolie about who’s the most progressive POS in Hollywood


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