Lifting the Lids on Injunctions


The Gossip Life always does the unthinkable and has in the past, lifted the lids on several prominent injunctions, obtained by A-list celebrities in various fields such as football, music and entertainment.

Tabloids went crazy with their postings of the obtained junctions, withholding the identity of the celebrities involved. We go further with our reveals. Here is our salacious summary:

Injunction: A married footballer obtained an injunction to prevent the story of his affair with 18 y/o lingerie model, Kimberly West, surfacing.

Identity: Sulley Muntari

Former Portsmouth and Inter Milan footballer Sulley Muntari is the married footballer that had the affair with the lingerie model Kimberly West, 18. Muntari, 31, kept his marriage hidden from West and when she discovered the situation, West ended the affair. Injunction obtained in 2011.

Muntari currently plies his trade (see: cashing in) in Saudi Arabia for Ittihad FC, where his lust for 18 y/o white ‘models’ is no doubt satisfied in abundance.

Injunction: Another married footballer obtained an injunction prevent the story of his affairs surfacing.

Identity: Robbie Keane

LA Galaxy striker Robbie Keane is the footballer that obtained an injunction to stop the UK press from publishing stories of his sordid affairs. Keane, 35, has been married since 2008 and has one child with  former Miss Ireland contestant Claudine Palmer. One of the affairs took place just before his 2008 wedding and another took place several months after.

Keane is a former star striker for both Tottenham and Liverpool, which, in my journalistic opinion, makes his transgressions even more unforgivable. The man is scum!

Injunction: An A-list actor paid Wayne Rooney prostitute, Helen Wood, for sex, where she used a sex toy on him.

Identity: Hugh Bonneville

He played quite the regal gentleman on Downton Abbey, but Hugh Bonneville has been up to some quite seedy things in real life. The Paddinton actor has been revealed today to have paid reality star Helen Wood £190 for sex during her hooking days back in 2011. Wood also allegedly used a sex toy on the actor.

Bonneville, 52, obtained an injunction to prevent the story from surfacing, but the injunction has been lifted and the story has surfaced

Bonneville has been married since 1998 and has a child.

Injunction: The Premier League manager obtained an injunction to prevent the story of his text affair surfacing.

Identity: Alan Pardew

The Gossip Life can exclusively reveal that the Premier League manager that obtained an injunction to prevent the story of his text affair surfacing is current Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew, 54.

Pardew, a journeyman football manager, has managed West Ham, Charlton, Southampton and a scandal apparently. Pardew had been married to wife Tina for several years when he requested pictures from a woman in high heels, stockings and without underwear as a reward for his then team winning an away game. Tina Pardew was believed to be suffering from extreme stress at the time and making suicide threats.

Pardew not only obtained an injunction to prevent the story from surfacing in the UK, but he actively ensured there was no chance any newspaper were considering it; frequently renewing the injunction, according to the Daily Mail.

Pardew is believed to have had several injunctions currently preventing stories of affairs, two of which are said to involve a young Liverpudlian singer and the other involving the wife of one of his former footballers.

One can only assume this couldn’t have happened during Pardew’s tenure as West Ham manager. After all, it’s mentioned he wanted saucy pictures “as a reward for his then team winning an away game.”

Flashback Post: This post originally appeared on the Gossip Life 27/08/16.

10 thoughts on “Lifting the Lids on Injunctions

  1. I have no sympathy for the “celebrities” in this case. They’re trying to hide affairs from their wives and girlfriends and because they have money and access to good lawyers, judges are allowing it…


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