Daily Blind Item — In Therapy



You might remember when this C lister was everywhere with the A list firmly within grasp.

‘[name omitted] was set to be a huge star,’ says one source. ‘Audiences didn’t think so.’

Our C lister is still regularly in therapy, dealing with the stress and the damage of not making it.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our C lister?

35 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — In Therapy

  1. Ben Foster? The poor fucker dreamt of becoming the American Tom Hardy but all he’s got going on now is to play Chris Pine’s supporting Sancho. Add to his bad luck he went from being engaged to the classy and respected Robin Wright to getting pregnant trashbag Scientologist Lauren Prepon. Poor fucker has a one way ticket to Scientology hell for life.


  2. we’re not talking about existence, we’re talking about success…or the lack of it, in Foster’s case. He was set to be some sort of the next big thing after 3:10 Yuma but that never happened. That was more than 10 years ago. He’s still doing supporting shitty stuff (Warcraft was embarrassing) and all his attempts to be a leading have failed. But he can still get work at playing again and again the crazy yelling psycho. And Pine’s Sancho. And the fact that he ended up being a Scientologist won’t help his career. In any case Hardy is a million times more talented than Foster, so is all good.


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