Daily Blind Item — Family Fall Out


None of the C list kids in this A list family are speaking to the A list parents.

‘Too much freedom,’ says the source. ‘It’s been exercised in the worst way.’

I don’t think any of us saw the mom and dad winning awards for their parenting, but we didn’t predict that it would get this bad this fast.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our family?

34 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Family Fall Out

    • Definitely fits. Both the kids are definitely struggling with addiction. After her flop modelling career, Dylan has followed her parents into acting, which also doesn’t seem to be taking off. I could see her being spiteful and blaming them.


    • Sean was x17-ed with his daughter a few days ago in Malibu and Robin has been seen with both kids in LA. They may had inherited the Penn family addiction gene, poor souls, but despite their messy relationship both Sean and Robin are really hands on parents and their kids seem to adore them. I do agree that there could be a strong component of subtle competition and jealousy between the girl and her mother, because sadly she doesn’t inherited her mother’s beauty nor her talent, and she went onto chose the easy path of modelling and started her acting career without even studying acting (like her brother did) or manifesting a real interest and curiosity in art: Dylan just thinks she’s entitled to be famous because of her last name. I think that might have triggered whatever drug problem she had/has. But no, both kids have a good relationship with their parents.


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