Box Office Results (07/08/17)

box office results

Johnny Box Office is back with a quick box office round-up after TGL’s week long vacation and one of the worst weekends of the summer for movies. The Dark Tower, which was the victim of a brutal Variety hit piece recently for its notorious production issues, debuted amidst hard competition in Dunkirk, The Emoji Movie and Girls Trip.

The Dark Tower, which is based on a Stephen King book series and stars Idris Elba, disappointed with $19.5 million from the domestic audience. One of The Dark Tower’s advantages is a relatively low budget ($60 million) and international appeal, however, and the science fantasy film is expected to find more of an audience in international waters than at home in the States.

Dunkirk held well in its third weekend with a healthy $17.6 million and is now the third highest original live action movie of the year so far with $133 million. Warner Bros. will be pleased.

Despite dire reviews, The Emoji Movie added $12.4 million to its now $49.5 million domestic gross. Sony will be aiming for around the $100 million mark by the time the movie’s run is over. Acceptable for a movie with a $50 million budget and those reviews.

I’ve been Johnny Box Office with your box office round-up. See you on Friday for my fuller predictions and analysis. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson’s The Hitman’s Bodyguard is amongst the new releases.

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