Trash Watch — Rihanna’s Futuristic Festival Look


Rihanna has piled of the pounds recently, but if you think that’s forcing the R&B legend to cover on up, then you obviously don’t know the Rated R songstress very well.

The singer-turned-actress, 29 attended the Crop Over festival in Barbados and almost caused social media to collapse according to the BBC with her revealing jewel-encrusted costume with green and pink feathers, as well as garish blue hair.

Crop Over is a traditional harvest festival that allegedly attracts nontraditional celebrities to harvest their wears for attention.

Rihanna looks like some sort of an amine nightmare with darker than normal skin and more curves than usual. It’s as if Lena Dunham drew amine.

30 thoughts on “Trash Watch — Rihanna’s Futuristic Festival Look

  1. OMG. She looks totes amazing. This is why I totally want to attend a festival in another country. It’s all so colorful and creative.


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