Daily Blind Item — Recast Time


If you’re an actress, you might be getting a call for an audition soon.

Sources tell me this Netflix is planning to go and recast a lead role as the series jumps into the future.

‘[name omitted] looks too young for the time frame and she’s not the only one,’ the source explains.

So, tell me, Gossiper:

What is our series?

What is the lead role?

26 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Recast Time

  1. Scream on MTV are doing something similar to this I believe. Queen Latifah and Tyga are coming, whereas the entire old cast is leaving. I’m not sure what executive thinks Tyga and Latifah are saviour material.


  2. The Crown, dear. Claire Foy is supposedly set to be recast in the role of the queen. Rumour circulated that it wouldn’t happen because of the acclaim she received, but it seems Netflix are planning on going ahead with it. Hopefully they get someone as equally as uncanny.


  3. is not even a secret that they always intended to recaste the whole cast if the series were to be renewed. Of course also this is a cast of cheap stars so nobody is irreplaceable and non of the actors have enough star power and charisma to be a recurring, not even the Queen


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