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Daily Blind Item — Big SFX Sequence


Rumour has is that the next episode of this A list television show is set to feature the biggest special effects sequence in the show’s history and involves the end of one of the most famous parts of the show.

The cost is reportedly mind blowing and is partially funded by the budget from the next series.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

What is our show?



  1. Probably the only one that really likes the wall and thinks it’s a big part of the show. Will miss it if it goes. What happens to the watchers on the wall??


  2. I don’t watch GOT – yeah I know but I just don’t get HBO in my cave in outer Mongolia. But since everything is about GOT, it’s got to be GOT. Why so much SFX? Wall = sugar cubes, brown paint, some attached dental floss to tear it down. Nailed it.


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