Daily Blind Item — Scientology’s Secret

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Same Scientology source that supplied me with this blind item has opened up and supplied me with some brand new information and like most CO$ gossip, it is juicy as hell.

Apparently this C list member is in a same sex relationship and although the Church is notoriously homophobic and discourages that sort of “deviant behaviour”, they’re conveniently turning the other cheek for the actress.

‘Rules don’t apply to celebrities,’ whispers one whistleblower.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our celeb?

PS: Received a couple of sympathetic messages about TGL becoming a ‘target’ of the Church. Don’t worry about our relationship with them. They already hate us for telling you about Leah Remini’s departure all those years ago. Same source claims we ‘made Leah speak up about leaving’. Whatever.


40 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Scientology’s Secret

    • It’s bloody shocking if you ask me. Next you’ll be telling me a bunch of celebrities got away with molesting kids purely based on their status. I wouldn’t believe you one bloody bit!!


      • Scientology gifts Cruise million dollar gifts on a regular basis. Cold you imagine the outcry if Catholicism did that with Mel Gibson? It’s non-taxed donation money!


      • the only way to recruit now that their scam is all exposed thanks to documentaries and series and the internet , is getting their members to hookup with other fellow members and procreate new poor fuckers who will be raised into it.


  1. Catherine Bell. There’s been rumblings that she’s in a same sex marriage or that she’s left the church. Neither have been verified. This blind item makes the most sense. The Church is known for ignoring the transgressions of certain celebrity members… TRAVOLTA.


  2. Most of the celebs in the cult are just poor souls with self esteem and vulnerability issues (not rare for people in the arts actually) They came to Hollywood with a lot of dreams and ambitions and end up being rejected on a daily basis, hustling for a job. Specially if lacking of talent, like 99% of the people looking for fame and money. So they end up with addiction problems, alcohol and drugs, depression and anger issues. Here’s where cults and people like the Mastersons have a fertile ground to recruit: they offer them the Narcanon program, their self help shitty courses for bust their confidence and treat them like royalty, as if they were already A listers at the Celebrity Center. They talk as themselves as their “family”. They might even give them a role on some shitty show where a scio has a say (go look at the cast and crew of shows like The Ranch, My name is Earl, the Jenna Elfman shows, etc) so thats how the Mastersons recruited people like Laura Prepon, Michael Pena, Ben Foster (who grew up in a cult in Iowa himself). They’ve been trying lately with Dakota Johnson. And so so many others. Is rare the working actor who hasn’t been approached by the cult in some way over the years. One important thing to note: as Leah Remini confirmed, when a cult member recruits a celeb, even if a B/C lister, they get major incentives, whether is by sea.org members at their disposal or even cash.


  3. Laura Prepon maybe? She is above a C list actor I would think. And she has already been in the news in the past for her lesbian role in ‘Orange Is The New Black’


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