Daily Blind Item — Blacklisted


An email was sent around town during the production of this A list movie about the movie’s director(s). It was sent to the most powerful people in the industry: agents, executives and producers alike.

Nobody will share the content of the email, but a source confirms the content resulted in the unofficial blacklisting of the director(s) and several people linked or involved.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our director(s)?

45 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Blacklisted

  1. Josh Trank. I remember when I read the blind item on here before Fantastic Four was in the works. Seemed like he was a bloody mess. Didn’t quite think it was this bad!!


  2. Blacklisting isn’t common, but it isn’t extinct either. A documentary called Overnight explores the concept in modern times after another director (Troy Duffy) was blacklisted by the industry.


    • Duffy was an arrogant, self-destructive moron, gaining and losing opportunities most aspiring directors and writers would kill for. I still feel sorry for the Weinsteins over how that played out and I usually despise Harvey.


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