Trash Watch — Ariel Winter Needs a Bra & Shampoo


The usually joyous Labor Day weekend was tarnished this year by an appearance from one of the reigning Queens of Trash, Ariel Winter Her Trashjesty.

Winter, 20, stocked up on groceries when the paparazzi just happened to catch sight of her and the Modern Family actress evidently forgot to wear a bra, displaying her nipples for the world to see. This is hardly unexpected behaviour from the chubby-yet-cute starlet, who has made her name as a teenage boy’s social media sex symbol in recent years.

What was unexpected, however, was the greasy state of Winter’s formerly luscious locks.

You can show us your pokies and your butt, Ariel, but the vast majority of us are distracted by that hair you dipped in a McDonalds’ chip frier. Gross.

46 thoughts on “Trash Watch — Ariel Winter Needs a Bra & Shampoo

  1. Fashionista mode activated: the trashiest thing about this set is by far the furry purse. Fashionista mode deactivated: this is depressing and I’m sad she feels the need to objectify herself this much.


    • I read that comment, thought “furry purse” was a crude reference and spent ten minutes trying to figure out how you could see the “furry purse”.


  2. Forget shampoo or a bra, she NEEDS to find the fucker who stole 3/4 of her shorts. I don’t need to see your ass while grocery shopping, dearest.


  3. I recall someone once saying Ariel needs a lobotomy before anything else and I can’t credit the dear, but I always think of that when I see an “Ariel Winter Needs a” trash watch article.


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