TGL Round-Up: Veep Ending, Suicide Squad 2 Hires Director, Shailene Woodley Opens Up About Arrest


HBO has announced that their hit comedy Veep will end with its seventh season.

The show first debuted in 2012 and stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the lead role as the titular “veep.” The actress explained on Twitter that although the ending of the series will be bittersweet, the seventh season has yet to be written or filmed.

Veep earned 12 Emmy nominations for its latest season.

Gavin O’Connor, the director of The Accountant, will be directing DC Comics’ upcoming Suicide Squad 2.

Mel Gibson and The Shallows’ Jaume Collet-Serra were considered as directors for the movie also, but both decided on other projects over the gig.

David Ayer, who directed 2016’s Suicide Squad, is not returning and instead will be helming a movie that focuses on the Harley Quinn character, starring Margot Robbie.

Shailene Woodley has recently commented on her October 2016 arrest at Standing Rock to Marie Claire U.K.

The 25 year old Divergent actress was streaming on Facebook Live when she was arrested for protesting against the construction of a North Dakota pipeline. She explained that she was strip searched completely naked once she was taken to Morton County jail.

“I was strip-searched. Like get naked, turn over, spread your butt cheeks, bend over,” Woodley, 25, told the magazine. “They were looking for drugs in my a–.”

The Big Little Lies star also claims to have suffered from PTSD from the event.

32 thoughts on “TGL Round-Up: Veep Ending, Suicide Squad 2 Hires Director, Shailene Woodley Opens Up About Arrest

      • A new writer and director will help. Superhero franchises get better with more sequels. The Dark Knight was better than Batman Begins and Captain America 2 was better than the first.


        • Suicide Squad is a notoriously difficult property to write, because the tone and the look is hard to decide on. You have a lot of cartoony characters with nihilistic actions and outlooks. It’s hard to construct a world like that. If only Christopher Nolan was interested in directing another superhero movie, he would be absolutely perfect.


    • Game of Thrones might have been helped by being dragged out a little longer. Everything feels really rushed right now, especially when compared to the earlier, slower seasons. It’s like Dynasty towards the end: throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks while rushing spinoffs.


    • I agree with this. I’ve stopped watching Scandal and barely watched the latest season of House of Cards. Real life provides enough intrigue and drama…


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