Box Office Predictions & Analysis (08/09/17)


It has arrived and by that I could only mean the actual movie, It, based on the novel by Stephen King and, of course, the original miniseries released in 1990 and starring Tim Curry as the iconic Pennywise clown.

Buzz is through for the roof for the remake with trades predicting a record-breaking weekend for movie, which is intended to kickstart a new franchise for Warner Bros. I’m going to try and be conservative and tip It for a super $75 million over the weekend.

If It meets my prediction that means the movie will break a record and become the largest grossing opening weekend for an R-Rated horror movie, beating Paranormal Activity 3.

That’s more than enough to wash away the foul memories of the box office disaster that was August.

Elsewhere, Open Road Fims’ Home Again, starring Reese Witherspoon, offers non-It fans a nice alternative and I’m estimating the small budgeted romantic comedy for a decent $10 million.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Wind River should each add $6 million and $4 million respectively.

Last Year: Tom Hanks’ Sully premiered to $35 million.

Next Week: Jennifer Lawrence stars in Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!

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12 thoughts on “Box Office Predictions & Analysis (08/09/17)

    • I’ve read conflicting reports with some going as high 80 and others as low as 60. The tracking report I received (bear in mind my studio had nothing to do with the production of It) was around 90 due to Thursday night previews beating expectations. Think Deadline had a similar projection.


      • Thursday previews were high. $90M sounds right. By the time It is done as a franchise, Paranormal Activity is going to be smashed as the highest grossing horror franchise.


  1. so many actors turned down the pennywise role. bet they regret that now. well done to warner bros for believing in the project and giving it life.


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