Box Office Analysis (15/09/17)


It’s the second weekend of the box office Juggernaut that is It. The Stephen King adaptation smashed records last week when it grossed over a $100 million domestically and started a new movie franchise for Warner Bros.

This weekend It should continue its reign over the box office with a stunning $60 million. That’s as much as It was originally predicted to gross in its opening weekend, but It is set to take that much alone in its second weekend for around a healthy 50% decline.

American Assassin debuts at the box office and budgeted at $33 million and featuring a cast lacking in star power, a decent $12 million is the best American Assassin can hope for.

It’s enough to beat fellow debutante Mother!, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. Mother! should find itself reeling in $10-12 million, which is acceptable given the competition for the horror audience in It.

Last Year: Tom Hanks’ Sully premiered to $35 million.

Next Week: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Battle of the Sexes &  The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

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14 thoughts on “Box Office Analysis (15/09/17)

  1. it is going to know it out of the park again. warner bros. should be so proud. what a hit. shows that sticking with a project, even if it is difficult and you have to change cast and director a lot, can be worth it in the end.


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