Daily Blind Item — Political Move


You might associate politicians with Washington or London, but you might not be associating either place with this A list politician in the future.

Apparently they’re moving out of the way to somewhere the media won’t bother them. I hear their spouse hasn’t agreed just yet, so it might not be a democratic decision.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our A list politician?

38 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Political Move

  1. Probably Obama. He doesn’t seem to want the media watching him now he’s out of office, especially now they’re showing how much he gets paid to give speeches to corporations.


  2. Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are fucking off to NZ to live in the Hobbit village, based on the picture. He’ll make the money by spending other people’s money (it’s the Labour way) and she’ll be the accountant.


  3. Bill wants to be away from the paps so he can work his magic with local bar girls. Hillary needs to be away from her current neighbours because Bill has had most of them, of all ages.


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