Daily Blind Item — A-hole Director


Production is underway and the rumours about this A list director’s behaviour are already rampant with several sources claiming he’s a nightmare to work with. I’m already hearing some bizarre stories about his foul treatment of cast and crew.

Hopefully a good book comes out of this.

So, tell me, Gossipers;

Who is our director?

49 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — A-hole Director

  1. Jon Favreau is directing The Lion King live action remake that’s currently in production. Always read bad things about him. Goes to show that the most likeable people in Hollywood usually are the least in reality.


  2. David O Russell ? He is making a tv show with DeNiro and Moore.His behavior was calmed down during The Fighter ‘s filming but he again started to be a nightmare during SLP and made crying Adams during American Hustle filming ( assaulted some members of the crew also)


    • Most of them don’t have anything in production. Just development. Although I would buy that every one of those fuckers is a huge asshole.


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