Daily Blind Item – Midlife Crisis


We may all love this A list actor, but the people in his life don’t share our love right now.

‘He’s going through something,’ says a source. ‘A midlife crisis, where he’s flitting in and out of relationships, and religions funnily enough. It’s hard to see and I worry about him.’

Another leaker accuses him of surrounding himself with yes men that endorse his capricious, promiscuous behaviour because they’re exploiting him and his fame.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?

37 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item – Midlife Crisis

  1. I was thinking Ben Stiller. He’s divorcing his wife and went through a nasty battle with cancer recently. Seems like the perfect ingredients for a big bloody midlife crisis if you ask me!!


  2. First person I thought of is Bill Murray. He is an A lister who is well loved. That said, erratic behaviour and promiscuity could hardly be considered new behaviour in his life. I thought yes men could be a hint for monuments men, but that may be a stretch!


    • Meeting Bill Murray is amongst the most disappointing experiences I’ve had in Hollywood. I was treated differently to every other person in the room and I was the only woman. Not a coincidence. Even with his bad reputation, I expected so much more. Chevy Chase and Steve Martin are also jerks.


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