Daily Blind Item — Creepy Director


I was tempted to call this blind item “untitled,” because creepy director sounds like a B movie and you definitely wouldn’t associate this director with B movies.

This director is considered one of the great auteurs of his generation, but a growing criticism is his objectification of young, barely legal girls in both his personal and professional life.

One person who has worked with the director, who I will call A list, explains that he lives in a world of stunted development and doesn’t seem to have grown up with the times.

So, tell me, Gossipers;

Who is our creepy director?

49 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Creepy Director

    • Thought your kind were firm supporters of innocent until proven guilty? Woody gets undeserved hate because of his status as a liberal and an atheist. The conservative corporate media dislike that and have tried to destroy his reputation for years because of it.


      • Fair point. It was revealed a few days ago more evidence that Mia worked hard to plant sexual implications in his adopted children’s heads. But then again, for a man with Woody’s intelligence to shack up with that disturbing simpleton, Soon Yi….. Troubling, Officer.


  1. This sounds like Joss Whedon. He put out a very progressive/feminist face, but the information his ex wife has shared shows that he has a number of issues. Of note, Whedon has a habit of writing super-powered “teenaged” women into his shows.


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