Daily Blind Item — Hair Transplant Ambush


This former A list actor, who balded in front of our eyes, was perfectly content with losing his hair and still is, but that didn’t stop a former agent / publicist from trying to pressure the actor into having a hair transplant.

One source describes the whole situation as cruel, but necessary in the Hollywood scene.

‘[agent / publicist] even arranged a surprise meeting with the surgeon once,’ says a closer source. ‘It didn’t work out well. [actor] considered it an ambush.’

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our actor?



47 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Hair Transplant Ambush

  1. This really highlights the sexism of the Gossip Life. Women are pressured constantly in Hollywood to change their looks and yet that isn’t blind worthy enough for this website.


  2. Jude Law. Used to be absolutely gorgeous. Lost his hair and then lost his career and his looks (and his mind) as well. Could see someone trying to pressure him into getting a hair transplant, especially when he was a big name.


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