Daily Blind Item — Her Harvey Weinstein Reaction


Like most of the world, The Gossip Life is Harvey Weinstein obsessed at the moment and we’ve been told of emails and memos that are reportedly being sent around by publicists / agents to their clients, advising them on how they should handle the scandal bringing Hollywood to its knees and causing widespread panic for executives and stars.

Most are wise enough to listen.

One A list actress is adamant that she will not be issuing a statement or responding at all. She doesn’t feel as if any good can come from her talking about the situation and she wants to stay loyal to Weinstein, who she feels like she owes for a large part of her success.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our adamant A lister?

PS: It’s not who you think it is.

73 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Her Harvey Weinstein Reaction

    • Blake can’t release a statement because she doesn’t have time. She’s currently chain-baking cupcakes and deciding which feminist causes she’s going to support on social media. She and Ryan are also planning their next family pap stroll. Nothing throws the public off the scent of scandal like cupcakes, charity, and a stroller.


  1. Noted civil rights attorney and attention seeker Lisa Bloom agreed to “advise” Weinstein against the allegations, but resigned today after the backlash and a possible conflict of interests (Weinstein bought the rights to her book about Trayvon Martin).


    • “Ms. Bloom (lawyer), who has been advising Mr. Weinstein over the last year on gender and power dynamics, called him “an old dinosaur learning new ways.” She said she had “explained to him that due to the power difference between a major studio head like him and most others in the industry, whatever his motives, some of his words and behaviors can be perceived as inappropriate, even intimidating.””

      Despicable. Honestly an unforgivable statement that grossly trivializes sexual assault and sexual harassment. Bloom needs to be disbarred.


      • Anne has never worked with Weinstein nor has he financed any of her films as a producer. She was cast in “Silver Linings Playbook” a Weinstein film, but sropped out due to ‘creative differences’ The role immediately went to Lawrence as a replacement.


  2. I’m going to go with Alicia Vikander. I think she’s A-list and he’s the reason she became like a Hollywood rash – everywhere – a few years ago.


    • Diana wasn’t half the disaster Grace of Monaco was and yet that killed Naomi Watts’ career and Nicole’s lives on. Something is at play here.


  3. Not who I expect? That rules out JLaw and Goop to me. Based on the title (i.e. *Her*), I’d say it’s someone from the movie Her. As for A-list women, that leaves Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams. I don’t know whether either or both of them have worked with Weinstein, but they’re the two possibilities to whom I’ve narrowed it down.


    • Yes, Scarlet Johanson has worked with Weinstein in Vicky Christina Barcelona. There is a video in youtube of Weinstein and Scarlet flirting with each other


    • Both Scarlet and Amy Adams have worked with Weinstein. Scarlet worked with Weinstein Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, while Amy Adams worked in Big Eyes, produced by Weinstein


  4. I wonder if this was originally Judi Dench. She was in notes on a scandal, which may be the hint with scandal. She has always been quite vocal about owing her Hollywood success to him.
    She has put out a statement, though. Not a strong one, but something.


  5. Pssssst!

    Do any of us really think there aren’t ANY women who cravenly slept their way to the top?

    You know why this guy tried this with every woman who fell into his orbit? Because it worked at least some of the time.

    How many women have lost positions not merely because they were’t willing to fuck for fame, but because others of our sisterhood DID!

    Anyway, when you see an outrageously gorgeous starlet who’s just H.W.’s “type” saying that he did not “sexually harass” them, ask yourself if suddenly this guy was angelic, the perfect gentleman…… or if, perhaps, there was some sexy time but the actress in question was totally down with that as a means to climb the ladder.

    Its not popular to say it, but just remember: When one of our sisterhood uses her sex to climb to the top, she’s climbing over and stepping on all of the women that the men emboldened by that behavior will later victimize while thinking that its something they’re entitled to.

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    • Weinstein tried it with every woman because it WORKED for him MOST OF THE TIME. He had far more hits than misses. Remember, women are after powerful rich men as much as they are after women


    • It worked most of the time, not just some times. For 30 women who said no to Weinstein, thousands ones said yes to him! His hits surpass his misses BY FAR


  6. She’ll retreat for a little while and create some more diversions (sudden marriage was one, maybe a fast baby?), but will never ever mention Weinstein by name. EVER! I believe she also took some shush money from him, he offered to pay some of his victims and protégées in exchange for silence, and a few weeks before the fallout did that ridiculously funny defense of Vikander’s movie Tulip Fever on Deadline, quoting her mum’s friend! The movie still flopped, but boy did he defend his girl… But she is not A-list, is more A-nnoying and B-oring than that.


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