Daily Blind Item — Mr. Failed Experiment


Gossipers, I have some tee for you today…

Hollywood tried their hardest to make this twinky actor into a superstar, but you – the movie-viewing public – were not in any way accepting and apparently our twink’s agent – a former stronger supporter – finally gave up a few month ago and told the actor that he might as well as forget about those A list dreams and settle for a role on television.

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our failed experiment?


55 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Mr. Failed Experiment

  1. No longer satisfied with just making sequels to movies, Hollywood has started making sequels to actors… Alex Pettyfer 2. Coming to a television set near you!


  2. Possible Harvey Weinstein connection or am I mentally ill? Just think this lad might have been a Weinstein favourite and now Weinstein has had his arse kicked out of the industry, the agent has given up and told him to set his sights a lot lower.


  3. “Stronger” and “experiment” seem like clues but I don’t know to what. Stronger makes me think about Jake Gyllenhaal but he’s doing fine in films. My gut says someone like Tom Hiddleston because he’s the definition of twink.


  4. Brenton Thwaites? Pirates of the Caribbean and Gods of Egypt. Big roles in big disappointments. He’s moving to television with Titans. BIG drop off. Mind the gap, sweet cheeks.


  5. Going off of “tee” and not “tea”, I googled golf movies. The most recent is “Tommy’s Honour”, yielding Jack Lowden as the twink.


  6. If only it was Jaden Smith. We need to see much less of him. He must have spent far too long in the gym because his head is buried in his a**.


  7. Ben Foster. He looked like one of Bryan Singer’s twinks in that Brent Ratner’s X-men movie. Then he was supposed to be the next it thing and tried for a while to get a shot as leading man failing miserably (that awful Armstrong movie). He finally settled for supporting roles as Chris Pine’s Sancho basically in every Pine movie but now he’s lost that too: he got fired from the latest Pine’s movie, directed by their Hell or High water director David MacKenzie and sold to Netflix but he was replaced by Aaron Taylor Johnson at the last minute, when deals where already done, so it must have happened some drama. He hasn’t been working much in anything since getting hooked up back again with Scientology two years ago, just a small role in Bale’s Hostiles. He was supposed to play Pine’s right hand in the movie so my guess is some sort of fall out happened, highly possible Scientology being the cause.


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