Daily Blind Item — Anonymous Source


A month before a recent big scandal broke, an anonymous source, who had never supplied me with anything before, reached out with an email that documented the scandal and many of the things that would happen.

I contacted AS back asking for proof and failed to get a response.

A separate source took a look at the email for me and we’ve figured out who it was (or at least who the information was coming from.)

So, tell me, Gossipers:

Who is our anonymous source?

49 thoughts on “Daily Blind Item — Anonymous Source

    • I call BS on Bob feeding shit about Harvey. If Harvey goes down Bob comes with him, both financially and personally. And is already happening. Bob is/was as much a bully and harasser as his pig brother.


    • That’s a really incredible guess and I definitely think this is the answer… I could see Roman lashing out after his story was killed by NBC.


  1. Keyser Söze. He didn’t want his sleaze to be on the front page. Dish that bucket of merde on Harvey and let the feeding frenzy begin.


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